Language: Danish
Original titel: What A Beautiful Waste Of Talent
ISBN-13: 9788799410705
Pages: 256
Publisher: SVLSTG/ EMI
Binding : Book , canvas bound
Released: 02-02-2011
Edition: 1. Edition
Original language: Dansk
ISBN10: 8799410702

What a Beautiful Waste of Talent is a thought experiment, as the Danish photographer, music video director and artist, Tomace (SVLSTG), performing along with 30 of Denmark’s outstanding personalities; musicians, actors, athletes, journalists, a single architect plus a poet.
“The idea behind the book is to find out what underlies the talent the 30 performers are in possession of and through the confidential conversations we have had, to find out how each of them has broken a social pattern. What would have happened if they had not overcome the obstacles life had brought them? How would their lives look like? ”

The poet Keith Lohse beautifully complements all the images with a poem, so thought-experiment unfolded both visually and textually. The textual supplement is not written by the performers, but written on the basis of conversations with them. Here are pictures of L.O.C as undertaker, Anders Breinholt in the company of puppets, Mikael Bertelsen in a barred up and sterile office and Karen Rosenberg as the murderous geisha. The images are either pure fiction or pure realism, but somewhere in between where childhood memories, personality traits and performances mixed with melancholy, play and fantasy.

How would life look like if other choices had been taken? If we had not had confidence in his talent? If you do not dare to break a pattern and gamble everything?

But the book is also thought ahead so that new talents dare to take the plunge and work hard for what they believe in. Tomace (SSVLSTG) describes it thus: “Another thing I would like with this book is to inspire other people to take the plunge matter what others say. It takes courage to dare to risk it all and go against the flow. I have experienced the things I’ve done to get here. It has not always been a bed of roses and there have been times when you most of all just wanted to get it all. ”

Featured people:  Nikolaj Coster Waldau (actor), Anders Breinholt (journalist), Bent Fabricius Bjerre (composer), Bjarke Ingels (architect), Cyron Melville (actor), Karen Rosenberg (singer), Liam O’Connor, Matthias Kolstrup (Dúné), Maya Albana (Director), Mike Sheridan (producer), Nik og Jay (Artists), Oh Land (Singer), Pernille Rosendal (Singer), Rune Glifberg (pro skateboarder), Rune Rask (producer), Simon Kvamm (singer, actor), Stine Bramsen (singer alphabeat), Shirley (singer, actor), Thomas Bo Larsen (actor), Paprika Steen (actor), Mikael Bertelsen (journalist), Jesper Grønkjær (Pro football player), Keith Lohse (poet), Marcel De Sade (as himself), Martin de Thurah (director), Sonja Richter (actor), Marco Evaristti (artist), Thure Lindhardt (actor), Zlatko Buric (actor), Tobias Kippenberger (singer – (The Floor is Made of Lava)


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