About me and my work

I’m a photographer and creative director, based in Copenhagen.
I do creative direction, concepts and take photos both commercially and for pure art. I love collaborations and storytelling


Lahme, Saatchi& Saatchi, TV2, Universal Music group, Sony, Politikens forlag, Skt Petri, Warner Music, art people and many more.

Artists I have been working with
Nicolaj Coster Waldau, Bent Fabricius Bjerre, Anders “Anden” Matthesen, Oh land, suspekt, Jooks, shaka loveless, Kesi, Paprika steen, Thure Lindhart, Cyron Melville, Martin De Turah, Nik & Jay, Medina, Mikael Bertelsen, Stine Bramsen, Last night in paris, Anders Breinholt, Brandon Beal, Christopher, Guld Dreng, Mattis, Marco Evaristti, LOC, Rune rask, Klamfyr, Kewan ligger beatet normalt, Simon Kvamm, Rune Glifbjerg, Future Animals

+ (45) 31 110 -111